Three Alemanas

Rumba Three Alemanas

Rumba Three Alemanas is a Gold Level figure. This online reference gives a detailed description of the different variation of the dance steps, including timing, and movement; a list of figures that may precede or follow the pattern; and videos providing instruction and demonstration of the figure, techniques and practice routines that include it.


This can start in Fan Position. It could also start from Open Position.

  • 2 3 4 1 2: Same as Alemana | No turn

    • Start in Fan Position.

  • 3: LF fwd and slightly leftwards | No turn

  • 4 1: Close RF to LF in RSP | Slight body turn to R

    • Increase tone and lower L arm to R. End with L arm braced.

  • 2: LF to side with part weight | Slight body turn to L to normal position

    • Raise L hand above lady's R shoulder and circle it counter-clockwise.

  • 3: Transfer weight to RF | No turn

    • Lower L hand to shoulder level

  • 4 1: Close LF to RF | --

    • Brace L arm in normal position

  • 2 3 4 1: Same as steps 4-6 of Alemana

    • Raise L hand above Lady's R shoulder, then continue steps 4-6 of Alemana.


  • 2341 2341: Same as Alemana.

    • Start in Fan Position. 1 1/4 turn to R over steps 3 to 6, then a further 1/2 on step 6.

    • Remember turning technique: body first, then hip, center in, close ribs, thighs tight

    • First Alemana, ending 2341, step 6:

      • LF fwd in line with RF towards Man's R side, fwd step can be shorter. then turn to end LF back in RSP.

      • weight is onto whole LF faster on 4, giving it more stability and more time to twist to R. R hip high, open up to R.

      • Then, more twisting to R, point RF, R leg very straight, the twisting hip to R makes left knee bend a little, but don't think too much about sitting butt out. The feeling is prepare to go into RF forward step, not having to get up from sitting position.

      • R leg very straight, make the line while twisting to R. LF should swivel and turn enough. Upper body is winding up to get ready to turn the other direction (L)

      • create space in belly area, belly button to spine, release the R hip down, thighs tight together, upper body fwd. Keep head aligned with spine, don't twist or shape head. Create the K shape.

      • Twisting feels slower.

    • Lady L arm up while twisting (can also collect L arm in front of body, forearm vertical). R arm at center waist level, RH connected with Man, R elbow out (not down), While settling/rotating R hip to R, it creates pull tension with Man's LH, but do not pull R arm artificially.

  • 2: RF slightly leftwards, then turn underarm allowing LF to cross loosely in front of RF without weight (Spiral Turn) | 1/8 to L, then a further 3/4 to L

    • Small step, onto RF first (don't do shoulders yet), then turn shoulders.

    • Different styles of spiral turn: wrap foot (wing the foot, do not sickle foot), high spiral, locking ankles.

    • 2 onto RF, options: do spiral: hold head, turning body to left, do a spiral turn, or direct fwd walk turn, pivot, then swivel.

    • Shoulder is to right, not turned completely flat.

    • Some do this more more diagonal, some more straight in front of Man.

  • 3: LF fwd | 1/8 to L

    • Almost feel like stepping away from Man. LF fwd underneath shoulder, keep very small steps, don't travel too much, do not step big outside body.

    • Settle hip, Then, do flexible turn.

  • 4 1: RF fwd | 1/2 to L

    • The turn is made at end of previous beat.

    • Pressed Fwd Walk. Lady should bring her weight well fwd, responding to Man's tone in his L arm. pressure in RH (to Man's LH) .

    • Open L hip up, stretching the body (L hip back, R chest fwd to Man), release/drop R hip down.

    • L arm shoot out to L side.

  • 2 3 4 1: Same as steps 4-6 of Alemana

    • A complete turn to R over steps 10-12.


  • There are a lot of turns/twists. Step onto foot, axis moved to the new standing foot, turn/twist around axis (shoulder first, hip follows), release free hip, move to new axis and start over.

    • One coach's imagery: rotisserie chicken on a skewer. The axis/skewer does not change, shift, break or move. chicken rotates around skewer.

Preceding Figures

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  4. Fan

  5. Hockey Stick

  6. Open Hip Twist

  7. Opening Out From Reverse Top

  8. Progressive Walks Forward

  9. Spiral

  10. Spot or Switch Turn to L (Lady to R)

  11. Three Threes

Following Figures

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  2. Continuous Hip Twists

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  4. Sliding Doors (Man turns body slightly to R on last step to lead Lady fwd towards his R side, then turns her R to RSP. Lady LF fwd inline with RF then 1/2 R on LF to end LF back. Man LF slightly leftwards on the second to last step)

  5. Rope Spinning

  6. Spiral

  7. Closed Hip Twist

  8. Natural Opening Out Movement

  9. Cuban Rock LF

  10. Side Step To Right commenced with LF (end to side)

  11. Side Step To Left commenced with LF

  12. Hand To Hand RSP

  13. New York LSP

  14. Basic Movements: Closed

  15. Basic Movements: Open

  16. Fan

  17. Opening Out To Right And Left (after lady stepping to side at end of Three Alemanas)