Toss The Racket


  • &1 2 3: Starts like New York Walk (could start from a prepping for normal spin turn as well)

  • &1: New York Lady presents , side lead

  • 2: Lady walks under her own R arm (break at her wrist, his hand is at top)

  • 3: Lady LF fwd and turning to R, Man throws Lady's RH, Lady will continue to another 1/2 to R (Man is turning himself)

  • &1: Lady does press line, side break behind Man with her RF. Ending "1", weight on LF. Lady's RH is connected to Man's RH, has a little pull tension in hands.

  • 2: Then Man will toss Lady's RH to his LH. Lady will create another press line after stepping RF fwd after turning back 1/2 to L. Lady's RH into Man's LH, (winding up to turn to R)

  • 3: LF fwd. At end of step, 1/2 turn to R into shadow position

  • &1: side break in shadow position. another press line in front of Man

  • 23&1: left spin turn.