Fallaway Promenade

Tango Fallaway Promenade

The Fallaway Promenade is a Silver level figure. This online reference gives a detailed description of the dance steps, including timing, footwork, alignment, and movement; steps diagram; a list of figures that may precede or follow the pattern; and videos providing instruction and demonstration of the figure, techniques and practice routines that include it.


  1. S: LF to side in PP | Along LOD, pointing DW | H | 1/4 to R between 1-4

    • Through the entire figure, 3 alignments of body: feet, belly button (low center), sternum (high center). 3 points slightly to right at each point, stay consistent at all times.

  2. Q: RF forward and across in PP and CBMP | Along LOD, pointing DW | H | CBM

    • Steer into Lady's path, curve her to keep her in PP, so the lady won't close to Man.

  3. Q: LF to side in PP | Backing almost DC | BH

  4. S: RF back in Fallaway R side leading | To centre backing DC | IE of BH | 1/8 to L between 4-5

  5. Q: LF back in CBMP and Fallaway | To center LF pointing to Wall | BH

  6. Q: RF closes to LF slightly back in PP | Facing wall | BH | Body completes turn

Note: More turn may be made between 1-4, but the above alignment is best for normal use.


  1. S: RF to side in PP | Along LOD, pointing DC | H | 1/4 turn to R between 1-4

    • Stay behind Man's right hip, all the time.

    • Body weight lined up. Do not push hip forward.

  2. Q: LF forward and across in PP and CBMP | Pointing down LOD | H

    • LF strongly cross RF in CBMP

    • Option: Slowly head returns to left (lady body turning to R. Man goes in front of Lady), Lady's head turn back to PP in step 4 on S.

    • Head could stay in PP throughout the figure.

  3. Q: RF fwd in PP and CBMP | Facing almost DW | H | CBM

    • RF is moving down LOD. There is slight turning to the right, resulting in the step ending in CBMP.

    • Not a big step, gauge Man's step size, stay behind Man.

  4. S: LF back in Fallaway L side leading | To center backing DC against the LOD | IE of BH | L side leading

    • L hip flexed, retract back, do not stick tummy forward.

    • Head opens to R. Promenade Position. Give R side to Man.

  5. Q: RF back in CBMP and Fallaway | To center backing DC against the LOD | BH | 1/8 to L between 5-6 | CBM

    • R side to Man. RF strong CBMP, small curved step, RF turned in, then swivel before placing LF in next step.

    • Don't tip forward or "break" at the waist.

    • Strong leftward rotation will make it easier for Man.

    • Turn is made on ball of RF, ending with foot flat. Next step is just whole foot placement.

  6. Q: LF closes to RF slightly back in PP | Facing LOD | Whole foot

    • Slight turn to left. Pull the center back, pull left side back. Allow left leg to come back and finish by placing LF parallel to RF (small gap is ok).


  • This figure is 3 steps fwd curving rightward (like "C"), then 3 steps curving backward.

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