Plant Sandwich

Plant, Sandwich

  • Start when Lady does back ochoes with RF back, then Man stops Lady, Man puts his RF next to Lady's LF (front foot), then he sandwich her foot by both of his feet. During all this time, Lady's weight stays on her back foot. Then he releases his RF from sandwich.

  • Then, Lady gets weight onto her LF (front) foot. When Lady's come in to Man, make sure to not push Man back, relax elbow, absorb.

  • Then, Lady's turns her hip to left a little bit, RF can do shoe shine (on side of Man's L leg), then Lady lower into her L knee, go down, bend L knee, points her RF to side, then her body turns more to L, collect her RF and lift her R knee over Man's foot and step fwd to ochos.

    • Embellishment: after point RF to side, do Boleo:

      • turn hips to R, (to have more turn, bend the standing L knee a bit more) draw RF in then RF flicks (wipe shoes, not a kick feeling) and then around and circle, twist hip to L enough, make sure R knee doesn't kick Man (turning hip more L before going over Man's foot.) RF step fwd to ochos.

      • When doing embellishments: do not use Man's hands, no pushing or pulling

      • Sometimes, Man doesn't give enough time, then don't do the embellishments. Just step over and out.

  • After Lady's RF steps over Man's leg, Man can send Lady's weight back and catches her leg, his leg in between. Then Lady does Gancho.

    • Man can do one Gancho and then rise and go right away, then Lady does Gancho and get onto her RF and ocho finish.

    • If Man waits after Gancho, then Lady can do Amague and then go.

This can also be done on the other side.

  • From back ochos, when Lady's steps her LF back, RF is left in front, Man stops and put his LF next to Lady's RF.

  • Option: Man can do sweep using his LF to push Lady's RF.

  • Finish: rise up, Lady gets weight onto RF, LF lift and steps over Man's leg.

  • Option: if Man puts her weight back onto her RF, Lady can do Gancho with her L leg, (maybe add Amague if Man gives more time).