New York Walk


  • &1: from Open facing position, Lady's L arm straight to side.

    • At end of "1: Lady's body is a little hang back, do not have upper body lean fwd.

  • 2: RF fwd, Lady's L arm comes in together with R arm, almost with 2 wrists crossing

    • Lady is still hanging back

  • 3: LF fwd, arms start to open,

    • At end of 3, Lady starts coming to more straight position (not hanging back)

  • &4: keeps going forward direction, 4 LF crosses in front of RF.

    • body turning slightly L to face Man, with arms open to present to Man. at this time, both arms round and front of body.

    • Man is a little ahead of Lady at this time. Lady is presenting the Man. Lady's RH is still connected with Man's LH.

    • Optional: "Starburst" option: both arms disconnected with Man, wrists down, then flip up and open with arms, Lady does big wheels with both arms from center to out.

  • 5: Lady RF fwd, raise her R arm, walk under her R arm. 1/2 turn to R to face

  • 6: ends with LF back, facing Man.

    • For the Starburst option, Lady does exact the same, just leave R arm as a target for Man to catch at the end.

  • &1: back break