Hockey Stick

Rumba Hockey Stick

This is a Bronze Level figure. This online reference gives a detailed description of the different variation of the dance steps, including timing, and movement; a list of figures that may precede or follow the pattern; and videos providing instruction and demonstration of the figure, techniques and practice routines that include it.


  • 2: LF fwd | No turn

  • 3: Transfer weight to RF

  • 4 1: Close LF to RF

  • 2: RF behind LF (Cuban Cross) | 1/8 to R

  • 3: LF fwd small step | No turn

    • Walk with Lady forward. After Lady turns 1/2, she will be on Man's Left. Use next step to straighten.

  • 4 1: RF fwd in Open Position


  • 2: Close RF to LF | No turn

    • L arm in, twist L hip to left, close feet, switch weight, make bigger gap between legs. Really settle into R hip and hold longer for more dynamic.

    • Different characteristics - play with timing a bit. could take longer on this beat and catch up in next beat.

    • Lady echoes Man, can be a little late, but Lady should never be early.

    • Lady's RH has pull tension with Man's LH before next step.

  • 3: LF fwd | --

    • For more dynamic: hold 3 (settling more into R hip) and move LF on & and then quickly step RF on 4.into Man's arm.)

  • 4 1: RF fwd | --

    • Small step, straight forward, not wavering, do not pass Man. Create a window.

    • L arm straight up on L side of face.

  • 2: LF fwd | 1/8 to L

    • Start by stepping straight forward, On "&", swivel 1/8 to L, use left hip to pull the R leg, prepare for next fwd step.

    • Draw L arm in. Moving Man's arm across face to left, put on top of left shoulder.

  • 3: RF fwd in line with LF, then turn underarm to end RF back | 1/2 to L, body turns less

    • "3&": turning on "&". thighs tight together, compact, quick turn (start with shoulder turn first), after turning, body fwd, into Man.

  • 4 1: LF back in Open Position | body completes turn

    • Straight back, don't turn anymore. Delayed back walk technique, create energy (but never pull or push Man) - place LF back, hold when Man is coming fwd, then quickly transfer weight to LF.

    • L arm out again if followed by open figure. (Depending on the following figure, it could get into closed position.)


  • Hockey Stick starts in Fan Position, may end in Open Position.

  • Alternative finishing: Open CPP

    • Man leads Lady to overturn towards end of 5, both taking 6 diag fwd in Open CPP. Lady turns an additional 1/4 L on RF using a loosely crossed spiral action.

Preceding Figures

  1. Advanced Hip Twists

  2. Closed Hip Twist

  3. Curl

  4. Fan

  5. Natural Top

  6. Open Hip Twist

  7. Opening Out From Reverse Top

  8. Spiral

  9. Three Threes

Following Figures

  1. Basic Movements: Open (normal; or 1-3 Open Basic into Progressive Walks Back; or 1-3 Open Basic into Natural Top)

  2. Shoulder To Shoulder Left Side

  3. Alemana

  4. Open Hip Twist

  5. Curl

  6. Three Threes

  7. Three Alemanas

  8. New York LSP (when Hockey Stick ends in Open CPP)

  9. Spot or Switch Turn To R (Lady to L) (when Hockey Stick ends in Open CPP)

  10. Underarm Turn To L (when Hockey Stick ends in Open CPP)