Contra Check - V Waltz

Viennese Waltz Contra Check

The Viennese Waltz Reverse Turn is a Gold Level figure. This online reference gives a detailed description of the dance steps, including timing, footwork, alignment, and movement; steps diagram; a list of figures that may precede or follow the pattern; and videos providing instruction and demonstration of the figure, techniques and practice routines that include it.


Commence facing LOD or other alignments.

  • 1: LF fwd small step in CBMP | FDC | Foot flat | 1/8 to L btwn preceding step and 1 | - | CBM | -

    • Split weight in CBMP. Do not take body weight too far forward ahead, but it does need to go a bit more forward before coming out.

    • Extend right side forward, but don't turn at hips, should be extension, rather than rotation

  • 2: Transfer weight back to RF | Backing | Against LOD | T | 1/8 to R btwn 1 and 2 | - | -

  • 3: LF back and slightly to side, small step with toe turned in (pivot) | BDC to end Facing Aaginst LOD | THT | 3/8 to R btwn 2 and 3, and 1/8 on 3 | - | CBM | -


  • 1: RF back small step in CBMP | BDC | T | 1/8 to L btwn preceding step and 1 | - | CBM | -

    • Release L hip back, hip turning left, follow Man's rotation. R knee and thigh start to go in toward L leg. Then R leg get into checking position.

    • Step RF under left shoulder (best way to gauge the size of the step).

    • RF is turned in. RF heel off the floor, do not drop it.

    • Inside of Lady's L leg is next to Man's outside of his R leg. Outside of Lady's R leg feels the inside of Man's L leg. Feel the sitting action.

    • Do not peel left side off. Do not let shoulder weight travel back too quickly to pull Man fwd.

    • Weight is split. Weight can move more onto back foot, take center back as well, do not stick hip up to Man and take head back.

    • The checking action: leave elbows with Man, lengthen arm, take head back.

    • LF can have 2 options: keep flat foot (for people who prefer very tight wind up), or release heel slightly (for people who prefer flat action) and then come back out. Do not lift toe of LF. If anything, point the left foot.

    • Stay left to Man, do not inch towards middle.

    • Head follow left elbow. Think about looking at your RF over your shoulder, while keeping body to Man.

  • 2: Transfer weight fwd to LF | Facing Against LOD | Foot flat | 1/8 to R btwn 1 and 2 | - | -

    • Come back up: Left shoulder forward.

    • Stay very left to Man's R side.

    • Everything is fast, don't stay back too long.

  • 3: RF fwd small step btwn Man's feet | FDC, to end backing against LOD | TH | 3/8 to R btwn 2 and 3, 1/8 to R on 3 | - | CBM | -

Preceding Figures

  1. Reverse Fleckerl

  2. Reverse Turn

Following Figures

  1. Natural Fleckerl

  2. Natural Turn