Contra Check - V Waltz

Viennese Waltz Contra Check

The Viennese Waltz Reverse Turn is a Gold Level figure. This online reference gives a detailed description of the dance steps, including timing, footwork, alignment, and movement; steps diagram; a list of figures that may precede or follow the pattern; and videos providing instruction and demonstration of the figure, techniques and practice routines that include it.


Commence facing LOD or other alignments.

  • 1: LF fwd small step in CBMP | FDC | Foot flat | 1/8 to L btwn preceding step and 1 | - | CBM | -

    • Split weight in CBMP. Do not take body weight too far forward ahead, but it does need to go a bit more forward before coming out.

    • Extend right side forward, but don't turn at hips, should be extension, rather than rotation

  • 2: Transfer weight back to RF | Backing | Against LOD | T | 1/8 to R btwn 1 and 2 | - | -

  • 3: LF back and slightly to side, small step with toe turned in (pivot) | BDC to end Facing Aaginst LOD | THT | 3/8 to R btwn 2 and 3, and 1/8 on 3 | - | CBM | -


  • 1: RF back small step in CBMP | BDC | T | 1/8 to L btwn preceding step and 1 | - | CBM | -

    • Release L hip back, hip turning left, follow Man's rotation. R knee and thigh start to go in toward L leg. Then R leg get into checking position.

    • Step RF under left shoulder (best way to gauge the size of the step).

    • RF is turned in. RF heel off the floor, do not drop it.

    • Do not peel left side off. Do not let shoulder weight travel back too quickly to pull Man fwd.

    • Weight is split. but do not sit back, stretch hip flexors; keep center to Man. It almost feel like pushing up, instead of coming down. (Weight can move more onto back foot.)

    • Stay left to Man, do not inch towards middle.

    • Head follow left elbow. Think about looking at your RF over your shoulder, while keeping body to Man.

  • 2: Transfer weight fwd to LF | Facing Against LOD | Foot flat | 1/8 to R btwn 1 and 2 | - | -

    • The checking action: leave elbows with Man, lengthen arm, take head back.

    • LF can have 2 options: keep flat foot, or release heel slightly and then come back out. Do not lift toe of LF. If anything, point the left foot.

    • Come back up: Left shoulder forward.

    • Stay very left to Man's R side.

    • Everything is fast, don't stay back too long.

  • 3: RF fwd small step btwn Man's feet | FDC, to end backing against LOD | TH | 3/8 to R btwn 2 and 3, 1/8 to R on 3 | - | CBM | -

Preceding Figures

  1. Reverse Fleckerl

  2. Reverse Turn

Following Figures

  1. Natural Fleckerl

  2. Natural Turn