Cha Cha Cha

Cha Cha Patterns

Double Ronde Chasse

    • 2: From New York: Lady RF fwd (side by side with Man)

    • 3: Lady replace weight on back RF foot, turn to R to Ronde R leg while facing Man.

    • 4&1: RF ronde R, crosses behind LF; LF together; RF to side; prepare to push and ronde

    • 2&3: Lady turns 90 to L, L leg ronde on 2, (side by side with Man now). &3: RF together, LF fwd.

    • 4 1: Lady turs to R to face Man, RF to R, point L leg; 1: weight back onto LF.

    • 2 3: continue with New York.

Cross Body Lead, Spiral to L, Side by Side Ronde and Hip Twist Chasse

    • 234&1: Open basic change to RH to RH hand hold

    • 234&1: Man roll Lady in and fake to get on same foot. Lady cross body, after 2: LF fwd; 3 RF fwd, spiral to L, end with LF wrapped, 4&1: LF fwd chasse.

    • 234&1: Lady RF cross fwd, basic, chasse to R side.

    • 234&1: Lady LF ronde chasse

    • 234&1: Lady RF hip twist chasse

    • 234&1: 23 LF fwd (cross) RF replace. To finish, Man gets to the other side, Lady spin to L on 4&1. Continue with New York.

Runaway L Turn

    • 234&1: Lady RF back open basic

    • 234&1: Lady LF fwd, RF fwd spiral to L (on Man's R side), full turn, face away from Man;4&1: LF fwd chasse till 1: turn to R to face man, point RF. Ready to rock back on 23 for Lady.

Ronde, Lunge, High New York and Spin to Lady's R

    • 234&1: Lady RF back basic

    • 234&1: Lady LF fwd, RF fwd turn to L, ronde LF (end side by side with Man), LF cross behind RF, RF together, LF fwd.

    • 23: turn 180 to lunge to R, R arm to side, Man catches Lady's L arm

    • 41: LF partial weight &4 and RF fwd high New York, Lady's L arm up high

    • 234&1: LF, RF walk/walk turning to R to face Man, back chasse LF/RF/LF in place or another full turn.


    • Always going backward. Cha cha batucadas (compared to Samba), there is no bounce, focuses on fast hip twist.

    • 2&a 3&a 4&a 1: e.g. 2 LF crosses in the back (very crossed, not travelling much backward, twist hip a lot to L, shoulder twist to L as well).