Closed Telemark

QuickStep Closed Telemark

The QuickStep Closed Telemark is a Silver Level figure. This online reference gives a detailed description of the dance steps, including timing, footwork, alignment, and movement; steps diagram; a list of figures that may precede or follow the pattern; and videos providing instruction and demonstration of the figure, techniques and practice routines that include it.

The footwork is the same as Walz Closed Telemark. There are a couple of possible timings:

  • SSSS

  • SQQS

  • QQSS (after a reverse pivot)


  1. S: LF fwd | FDC | HT | start to turn L | Sway(S) | CBM | rise e/o 1

  2. S: Rf to sdie | almost BLOD | T | slightly less than 3/8 between 1-2 | Sway(L) | Up

  3. S: LF to side and slightly fwd | Pointing DW | TH | slighlty over 3/8 between 2-3. body turns less | Sway(S) | UP, lower e/o 3

  4. S: RF fwd in CBMP, OP | DW | H | -- | Sway(S) | CBM | --


  1. S: RF back | BDC | TH | start to turn L | Sway(S) | CBM | rise slightly e/o 1, NFR

    • Strong big step back, use CBM at the same time.

    • Do not take shoulders back, do not leave center fwd which will block Man.

    • R shoulder connect down, R side is anchor for left turning figure. Feel strong upward, leftward through left side (L side slightly raised or heel turns)

  2. S: LF closes to RF (Heel Turn) | LOD | HT | 3/8 between 1-2 | Sway(R) | continue to rise on 2

    • Hell turn: drag L heel slowly, don't put down L heel too fast, almost a "S S&" count, put down heel on & and push

  3. S: RF to side and slightly back | BDW | TH | 3/8 between 2-3, body turns less | Sway(S) | UP, lower e/o 3

    • When stepping RF, keep contact with Man, step shouldn't be too close to Man. Need to leave room between Lady's RF and Man's LF for Man to step through his next OP step.

    • Shape head to right (actually by keeping the head where it is, when body turns left, head will be in the shaping right position). Then, head returns to left at next step.

    • Lowering at end of the step, before driving into next step.

  4. S: LF back in CBMP | BDW | T | -- | Sway(S) | CBM | --

Preceding Figures

  1. Double Reverse Spin

  2. Heel Pivot (Quarter Turn To Left)

  3. Reverse Pivot

Following Figures

  1. Running Right Turn

  2. Natural Turn And Back Lock

  3. Natural Pivot Turn

  4. Natural Spin Turn

  5. Natural Turn With Hesitation

  6. Natural Turn

  7. Quarter Turn to Right

  8. Forward Lock

  9. Fish Tail

  10. Four Quick Run (at corner, LF back with Lady OP, TH, S, into Four Quick Run)

  11. Six Quick Run (at corner, LF back with Lady OP, TH, S, into Six Quick Run)