Chicken Walks

Jive Chicken Walks

The Chicken Walks is a Gold level figure. This online reference gives a detailed description of the dance steps, including timing, movement, a list of figures that may precede or follow the pattern; and videos providing instruction and demonstration of the figure, techniques and practice routines that include it.

Start in Open Position.


  • Q: LF back, small step, with partial weight

    • Increase tone in L arm to prevent Lady stepping back.

    • Merengue action is used on steps 1-3.

    • Step 1: R knee is firmly straightened on 2nd half of preceding step, making R hip to move back and to R. Then LF is palced back on ball of foot with knee flexed.

  • Q: Taking full weight to LF, RF back, small step, partial weight

    • End of previous step: Lower LF heel, straighten L knee, L hip moves back to L. RF is placed back on ball with knee flexed.

  • Q: Take full weight to RF, LF back, small step, with partial weight

    • repeat. Man's straightening and flexing of knees indicates to Lady to turn.

  • Q: Take full weight to LF, RF back, small step


  • Q: RF point fwd in line with LF, no weight, R leg straight. L knee flexed. | Hips turn to R

    • RF on OE of toe pointing fwd. Keep weight/upper body forward. Keep LH at waist. Left shoulder forward.

  • a: RF step toward LF | Hips to normal

    • R shoulder forward.

  • Q: Point LF fwd, R knee flexed | Hips to L

    • LF on OE of toe pointing fwd

  • a: F steps toward RF | Hips normal

  • Q: RF point fwd, L knee flexed | Hips to R

    • RF on OE of toe pointing fwd

  • a: RF closes to LF | Hips normal

  • Q: LF fwd | No turn

    • Step onto LF and rise (going to RLR chasse.)


  • Timing: Other combinations of "S"s and "Q"s can be used. Examples: "Sa Sa Sa S", "Qa Qa Qa Q", "Sa Sa Qa Qa Qa Q"

    • When dancing slow, L hand and arm can add styling.

  • Slow or Quick swivel action can be danced.

Preceding Figures

  1. Fallaway Throwaway

Following Figures

  1. Fallaway Throwaway (step 3-8 Fallaway Throwaway started with L to R hand hold.)