Triple, Coaster, Chaine on Lady's L Side


  • 1: Man leads by slightly turning his L hand to his left, guiding Lady RF slightly diagonally fwd (which hints at different step)

  • 2: Lady LF almost like swivel to L side, turning about 1/2 turn to L

  • 3&4: RF fwd triple/lock step forward, side by side with Man at this time. Lady's body is slightly turn to L (like New Yorker)

  • 5&6: LF fwd, 1/2 turn to R, coaster step, RF together, LF fwd, body/shoulder wind up to R to prepare to turn L

  • 7&8: Lady L chaine turn 1 and 1/2 turn to L to face Man, underturned a little bit, shoulder/body is rotated to R, leaving till next anchor step to fully complete body.

  • 9&10: anchor step. Good time to do the anchor step point variation

    • With body underturned from previous step

    • 9: LF small ronde to end crossing back of LF, body is still underturned at first when feet are crossed,

    • &: RF closes to LF, complete body turn to L, over turn a little to L

    • 10: LF point

    • &: LF closes to RF, with weight (LF comes back to RF, OR, just step onto where LF is.)

    • Next follow:

      • Option: walk out RF on 1.

      • Option: point RF on 1, no weight; &: RF closes to LF, 2: walk LF out on 2.