Molinete to Right and Left

Molinete to Right and Left

  • Movement is smooth and continuous, don't pause and stop rotation. E.g. Molinete to his R:

    • Lady RF fwd (same as starting forward ochos), body continue moving,

    • Lady keeps rotating the hip and brings LF fwd through and around (not like Latin to point foot across line and then swivel), make sure to get onto the foot, have control of the body and not letting body fall fwd (to prepare for either changing direction ocho finish or continue with molinete) then swivel on both feet (a lot of turns, feels like turn away from Man)

    • then RF back.

  • Lady changes from Man's one side to the other side, from outside partner L to R or vice versa, keep eyes/head about same position, make sure arm allows the position change.

  • Keep solid connection, especially Lady's L arm to Man's R arm.

  • Any backward steps: make sure not to lean back, body pitch fwd.

  • Know when to continue Molinete and when to finish with Ochos. Key: come to balance and wait for lead.

    • Lady get onto one foot, eg. RF, she'll collect her LF next to her R leg.

    • At this time, if Man leads her to twist/swivel changing direction, she will twist on her standing R hip, change direction, and then step her LF fwd to ocho finish.

    • If Man doesn't doesn't twist and turn the Lady, Lady's LF will come through to continue fwd (Molinete)

  • Swirl ending:

    • Lady LF fwd ocho ending, feel the rise on the spot (as opposed to Molinete - which Lady feels the movement is continuous in the direction of traveling), close RF to LF switch weight, then LF back, followed by lock and resolution.

    • Man may make a Lady do an underarm turn to L (not usual).

  • Compared to Vuelta:

    • Molinete: Man really invites lady to go around him he turns his body to make space vs. Vuelta, it's like Wing, Man stays.

  • Man can lead switching direction from Molinete Right to Left and vice versa by:

    • When Lady's stepping fwd on the foot (normally into swivel), instead of leading her to be fully on the foot to do swivel, Man will lead her weight back to back foot to change direction.