"Check the Wallet"

"Check the Wallet"


  • &123: From Closed, Basic (Lady half turn to L) to Open facing Man. Man does a split, lunge position.

  • &1 23: Man does J lead.

    • 2: Lady RF fwd,

    • 3: Lady LF fwd and across RF and turn 1/2 turn to R, now Lady is in front of Man (now Man and Lady faces same direction)

  • 56: Lady's R leg go back in between Man's legs, don't go down too low. Lady's arms slide down Man's both sides ("check the wallet"). Man's hands on Lady's shoulders.

  • 78: Lady's comes back up, arms comfortably to the side (not behind) Man takes Lady's wrists.

  • 1234: Lady prancing fwd, keep shoulder more steady, turning hips to L while RF lifts and crosses in front of LF. Then, LF crosses, RF, LF (last one: 1/2 turn to R to face Man)

  • &1: continue on.