"Check the Wallet"

"Check the Wallet"


  • &123: From Closed, Basic (Lady half turn to L) to Open facing Man. Man does a split, lunge position.

  • &1 23: Man does J lead.

    • 2: Lady RF fwd (toward center of Man's legs), start pivoting 1/2 turn to R Both arms started going up

    • 3: After pivoting to R, LF to side, now Lady is in front of Man, Man and Lady face same direction. Arms after going up, they come down to side, slightly backward

  • 456: Lady's R leg slides back in between Man's legs, don't go down too low. Lady's arms slide down Man's both legs ("check the wallet"). Man's hands on Lady's shoulders.

  • 78: After Lady's comes back up, arms comfortably to the side (not behind) Man takes Lady's wrists.

  • 1234: Lady prancing fwd, keep shoulder more steady, turning hips to L while RF lifts and crosses in front of LF. Then, LF crosses RF, (can repeat)

    • Last one: RF crosses LF 1/2 turn to R to face Man, RF back.

  • &1: continue on.