Continuous Coaster Steps


  • 1 2: From Open Position, cross handhold with Lady's LH on top. Lady RF walk (twist to L, prancing side lead), LF forward (twist to R, prancing side lead)

  • 3&4: 1/2 turn to L, coaster to Man's R side.

    • Lady goes to Man's R side, turns to L, 1/2 turn, with R arm wrapped behind her own back, (both hands still connected with Man), RF side/back step, coaster, LF together, RF fwd.

    • Variation: if Man wants to change to face the other side, Lady can go to the L side of Man and do full turn to L with the coaster step. Turning L at end of previous step, RF fwd/side, continue to turn 1/2 to L, LF together, RF fwd.

  • (56) optional walk/walk prancing steps.

  • 7&8: turning to R, 1/2 turn, coaster step, LF side/back, RF together, LF fwd. arms re-wrap naturally to Lady's L arm is bent wrapped behind her back

  • (2 walks or no walks)

  • 1&2: Lady turns to L 1/2 turn, coaster, RF fwd turn, LF together, RF fwd.

  • (34) optional walk/walk step. (Can repeat)

  • Finish options:

    • 5&6: Lady 1/2 turn to R. LF back after turning anchor step

    • 5&6: Lady 1/w turn to L. LF fwd, pivot, RF back, LF closes to RF.


  • Arm variation: both hands connected, but on top of shoulder instead of behind the back.