Left Turning Basic

Left Turning Basic (w/ Lady's Roll)

This online reference gives a detailed description of the dance figure, including timing, foot positions, movement and technique.


  • S: LF to side

    • Normal basic

  • Q: RF crosses behind LF

  • Q: LF rocks in place

  • S: RF to side

    • Start prepping for the turn. Opening lady slightly to her R.

  • Q: LF replaces weight | Starting to turn to L

  • Q: RF to side, small step | Turning L

    • At this point, Man almost turned 90 (from beginning)

  • S: LF fwd in between Lady's legs | 90 degree turn from step #5.

    • Can continue to swivel on LF to turn another half turn, or Man can stop turning and just travel to side.

    • Optionally, lead Lady's to an Inside (Left) Roll by raising L arm, leading Lady's R arm in front of her face

  • Q: RF to side, slightly back

    • (optionally turn another half turn to L)

    • Travel to Man's right side.

  • Q: LF crosses in front of RF


  • S: RF to side

    • Normal basic

  • Q: LF steps behind RF

  • Q: RF rocks in place

  • S: LF to side

    • Man opens Lady to her R, into PP, prep.

  • Q: RF crosses in back of LF

  • Q: LF replaces weight, slightly fwd | Body start turning to L

  • S: RF back, slightly to the side | Body turning to L.

    • Turned 90 to L from beginning.

    • At this time, Man is stepping in between lady's feet.

    • Optionally, if Man raises his L arm to lead Lady into Inside (Left) Turn, Lady completes a full turn over QQ, traveling to left.

  • Q: LF to side | (optionally continue to turn another half turn)

    • Travel to Lady's left side

  • Q: RF crosses in front of LF