La Cadena (Chain)

La Cadena (Chain)

Chain is a repeating 4 step :

  • Step 1: Lady LF fwd, turning on ball of LF, pivoting action, look to R

  • Step 2: Lady RF reach to side (look to R, Promenade), and steps onto RF, turn to L on ball of RF, flex into bent R knee and hip

    • After Lady swivels on RF, Man can finish by doing walk (Lady LF back, pos 3), then lock and resolution

  • Step 3: Lady push RF, step LF diag back (away from him), RF sweeps in front and cross LF. Look to her Left (Counter Promenade)

    • To be light on Man, Lady pushes on LF on her own, while Man sweeps her R leg, and then step fwd with RF

  • Step 4: Lady weight onto RF that is in front (R leg kept in position straight). Look to L

    • To be light, Lady presses into RF to propel her LF fwd (for continuous La Cadena) to repeat from Step 1.

It often starts from back ochos, when Lady's LF is step back:

  • Lady RF back, ocho swivel,

  • Lady LF back, at this time, Man keeps her there, Lady leaves her R leg in front straight, she feels Man's leg from outside of her upper R leg and she sweeps her R leg to left, cross her LF, starting the Chain from step 4. It feels like Man is going through Lady's body and not around.

  • Always poised forward, do not lean back.