Tips and Notes:

  • Hustle is danced on &123. Lady keeps time, man should adjust his lead to her timing.

  • Danced in a slot. Lady travels up and down the slot, man goes side to side across slot when he is not facing lady.

  • Abbreviations for footwork: L2C is link to close, LTB is left turning basic, RTB is right turning basic, TO is throwout, XBL is cross body lead.

Closed Position

Lady faces down slot, man is at right angle to her, facing across slot.

Man's RH is on lady's left shoulder blade, her left arm is across the top of his back, so her hand rests below the back of his neck, typically.

Man's LH forms hook with middle two fingers, holding the outside edge of the lady's RH facing down.

Time Step, Hesitation

&. touch ball of LF back, enough so RF lifts. Two hand hold, arms extended so elbows are forward of ribs. Body is upright, leaning forward. Keep COM over RF.

1. CW RF

2. LF forward, to spot midway between me and partner, lower RH, lift LH to stop her forward progress

3. CW RF

Right Turning Basic

&. LF back break

1. CW RF

2. LF left, get out of the slot. QT right

3. RF across LF to enter slot, QT right

Crossing Steps/Side Steps

&. back break LF

1. CW RF

2. LF side, point her 1/8 turn to her left, 1/8 turn right

3. RF cross behind LF

&. LF back break, turn her quarter turn clockwise, quarter turn left

1. CW RF

2. LF side

3. RF cross behind left

Cross Body Lead/Left Turning Closed Basic

Start in closed position.

&. LF side, ball only, keep weight on RF

1. WC RF

2. Turn body a quarter left. This will lead lady to step forward, and turn herself. Place LF between her feet.

3. Another QT, and RF goes on sidewalk.


Starting in Closed Position

&. LF breaks left.

1. CW RF

2. QT left, leading lady to step forward, place LF between her feet.

3. RF back down slot, end up facing lady.

Link To Close

Starting from open position, facing each other, my LH holding her RH

&. LF back break

1. CW RF, Start moving forward

2. LF step to left side of slot, Lead her to turn clockwise by turning frame a quarter right, so that she ends up facing the other way

3. RF feet together, Take closed hold, RH on her shoulder blade, QT right, so that I face across the slot, and she faces down the slot

Left Passing Turn

Starting from open hold, my LH to her RH, facing each other down the slot.

&. LF back break

1. CW RF

2. LF forward, pass her with her on my left, Raise LH, let her go under, pivot half turn on LF

3. RF back, Snap turn

Right Passing Turn/Right Side Pass

Starting from open hold, where we are not so far apart. Don't go straight into it, start with maybe a Left Passing Turn

&. LF side break

1. CW RF

2. LF forward, pass her with her on my right, turn her on this step, pivot half turn on LF

3. RF back

Hand Pass

Like in swing. On slow, release RH, put her RH on my midriff as I step forward and spin left. I should end up with her RH in my LF, facing as in right turning basic

Cross-handed turns

Hold each other's same hands (RH to RH, LH to LH). If LH is over RH, switch positions with her, I go under my hands, turning to left as I pass her with her on my right. If RH is over left, I lead her into turn, pulling her left hand, as we switch positions with her on my left. One of each is a set. To get out of this, from LH over right, release LH, lead her into inside turn, and switch hands.

Fade into Shadow Position

From opposite hand hold (her RH in my RH), extend RH to right at shoulder height to bring her in facing same direction as me, with her in front of me and to my right. Take her left hand in my left.

Lady's Traveling Outside Turn

also known as the 4-count turn


  • &: LF back, partial weight | Facing down slot | L2R hold

  • 1: RF cross in front | Start to turn R | Get out of the slot. As we pass LH is low

  • 2: LF side | QT right, face across slot |

  • &: RF cross in front or in back as necessary | 1/8 turn right

    • Along with acceleration of feet, LH goes up quickly to lead lady into turn

  • 3: LF steps forward, side, or back, as necessary to track the lady | 1/8 turn right, now facing back down slot on other side

  • 4: RF steps as necessary to track lady


Start with RF slightly forward of LF

  • &: RF back, partial weight

  • 1: LF forward

  • 2: RF forward | start to turn right

  • &: LF side | Between steps 3 and 4, QT right, facing across slot

  • 3: RF feet together | Between steps 4 and 5, half turn right on LF

  • 4: LF back | Between 5 and 6, 3/4 turn right on RF, to end facing back down slot

Right Side Pass to Sliding Door to Free Spin

Start with Right Side Pass.

On 3, cut across slot, under my LH, switching to R2R hold, so that I am facing across slot, with Lady to my left.

Sliding Door, side break and lead her across me, to L2L hold.

Cross body lead footwork, to gather her up again.

Magic Hands

From normal two hand hold, lead lady into inside turn, placing both her hands in my right hand, with her right hand on top. After turn is completed, let her left hand drop into my left hand, so that we have R2R over L2L.

Inside Turn to Shadow, Lady's Traveling Inside Turn to Lady's Left Turning Basic with Man's Hook Turn

Two Hand Hold.

2-Hand Right Side Pass with Magic Hands, so we end up with R2R over L2L hand hold.

Man does footwork for link to close, while using LH to lead lady into right turning basic, doing hand break with RH to end up with L2L over R2R, Lady facing back down slot, man facing lady across slot.

Man does XBL footwork, leading lady into traveling inside turn down slot, so we end up R2R over L2L.

Dropping LH, lead lady into left turning basic, while man does hook turn with hand switch, and we end up in open position.

Outside Turn to Left Side Passing Turn with Hand Change to Shadow to Inside Turn.

Lady's Traveling Outside Turn.

Left Passing Turn, man does right turn down slot, and changes hands behind his back when lady has completed her turn, so we end up right to right.

Lead lady to do right turning basic footwork under my right arm, while I do link to close footwork, to end up in shadow position, my RH on her right shoulder, her LH in mine.

Lead inside turn down slot, keeping LH, while I do XBL footwork, and gather her into closed position at end of slot.

Then lead a throwout.

Overhead Wrap

2 Hand hold.

Keeping both hands, lead lady in like a link to closed, and bring my RH up to her eye level.

&1. As lady touches back, take my RH over her head to her right shoulder, still holding her LH.

23. Lead lady down slot doing half turn right, so we face each other with crossed hands.

For simple ending, do a right side pass keeping both hands, this will untangle the arms.

For advanced ending, lead lady into inside turn, then lower right hand and keep her turning, so that on next &1 she is completing second turn in hammerlock. Then release RH and complete throwout.

Skater's Step with Double Overhead

Start facing each other down slot, R2R hold.

Link to closed (L2C) footwork, taking RH over lady's head and to her right shoulder, taking L2L as well.

&1. Let ladies momentum carry her to open up on this step.

23. Keeping both hands, lady does right half turn down slot under my left arm, so that we are facing each other down slot, L2L over R2R

L2C footwork, taking right arm over lady's head again, and combing myself with left hand.

Throwout, letting go of all the hand holds, and taking left to right again.

Skater's Step to Back Pass

Skater's step to L2L over R2R.

Lady does right turning basic foot work, while man quarter turns left under left arm, keeping right hand low, to end up facing across slot with right arm in hammerlock.

Release RH, and lead lady back into skater step position with LH.

Body Check and Continuous Spin

Start R2R

Lady's 1 1/2 inside turn, man's link to close foot work, lead her into sweetheart position with hands at her shoulders.

One three count walking around ccw.

&1, lead her to continue the rotation past me using shaping

2, hook turn left, keeping my left hand above my head, and let this hand motion start to lead her turn

3, complete turn.

Fan Step

&1, back break and return

2. step into each other like in right turning open basic

3. turn around each other to face back down slot, man does a rondé

& lady is led to hook RF behind left, she has a very short rondé

Man continues rondé through &1, and on 2 both continue with right turning basic foot work.

The whole thing can be done in a closed hold, as well, and has the feel of a west coast swing whip.

Wrist Breaker

One variation of this pattern.

Start with skater step to L2L over R2R

Man does footwork for XBL, lady does one and a half inside turns, while he raises her hands directly above her head, his wrists touching.

&1. He spreads her hands out to the sides, they are still in front of her, while left foot hooks behind RF, and RF steps further down slot, to get a little behind her.

23. XBL foot work for him, 1 and a half turns for her, while, with LF above right, he brings her hands together above her head, placing her RH at her left wrist, letting it go, and then picking it up again.

&1. hook-side, open her out again.

23. To exit, man's footwork changes, release her LF, and turn left myself, in place, changing hands behind my back.

Right Hand Roll In

Start with open right turning basic.

On 23, instead of turning to face partner, stop facing across slot, release her RH, and lead her to continue out so we face the same direction.

&1. opposition break.

23. J-Lead her into one and half inside turns, rolling up her LH.

Release her LH, and throw her out as usual.

Roll-in Cuddle

Start with RH Roll-In, but keep her LH after she does 1 1/2 turn.

Lady does right turning basic footwork to open position, where I've kept her LH

Roll-in cuddle to waist turn.

Do the roll-in cuddle. On the last 3, step towards her rather than away.

&1. Catch her waist with my left arm, and toss her LH past my head as I go under her arm.

23. lead her into 1 1/2 turns, and catch her on &1

Double Right Turn to Lady's Free Spin

Lead double right turn, on the last turn catch her LH with my RH, so that we open out, both facing across slot.

J-lead her into inside free spin, 2 1/2 turns. I keep walking back away from her until 5, and step across catching her back on 6.

Overhead Wrap to Neck Tunnel

Start in open position.

&123. Footwork for link to close, keep both hands, raising lady's LH to be even with her ear.

&1. Put lady's LH on her right shoulder, while setting up for throwout.

23. Lead lady to do half turn right down slot, under my left arm, so we end up with arms crossed in open position.

&1. Back break, RF crosses out of slot to my left.

23. Let LH slide to my elbow, RH forms window, I step through, under right arm as lady steps down slot. I end up with my hands on my opposite shoulders, facing across slot.

&1. Opposition break, RF steps forward out of slot..

2. RH goes down to my waist, as I lead lady behind and past me down slot.

3. LH goes over my head, as I step back into slot, with arms now untangled.

Left Shoulder Wrap

Start in two-hand open position.

&1. back break, RF crosses out of slot to my left.

23. Lead lady past me down slot, while I step under my right arm. I will end up with hands at my shoulders, while I face across slot.

&1. Opposition break, step forward out of slot.

23. Lead lady to step behind and past me down slot, bringing right hand to waist, and then take LH over head to face partner down slot, with hands crossed.