• Hustle is danced on &123.

  • Danced in a slot. Lady travels up and down the slot, man goes side to side across slot when he is not facing lady.

  • "Tension" means a pulling energy, without actually pulling, and "pressure"/"compression" means a pushing energy, without actually pushing.

Closed Position

Lady faces down slot, man is at right angle to her, facing across slot.

Man's RH is on lady's left shoulder blade, her left arm is across the top of his back, so her hand rests below the back of his neck, typically.

Man's LH forms hook with middle two fingers, holding the outside edge of the lady's RH facing down.


  • Street Hustle: more on track, facing each other

  • New York Hustle: Lady typically opens up to her R, present to audience. Lady would look t the right when she opens up her R hip.