Viennese Waltz

American Viennese Waltz Patterns

Reverse Turn with Left Turn, Patty Cake, Opening Out Right and Left , Shadow


  • 123 123: Reverse Turn, start with RF back.

  • 123: Reverse Turn with L Turn. RF back, LF to side pointing down LOD, pivot turn to L, RF back down LOD. continue turning, open Lady's L side.

  • 123: finish turning 90 to L, facing Wall, LF to side, hesitation.

  • 123: weight transfer to RF. L leg shape straight. LH Patty cake with Man.

  • 123: weight transfer to L. Open L arm. diagonally up.

  • 1 3: (Canter timing) Opening out on both side. RF fwd, turning R to go to the other side of Man, LF to side/back on 3.

  • 123: hesitation, RF back/side opening out, shape to Man, R arm diagonally up. (Can optionally add another Patty Cake here. )

  • 1 3: (Canter) go to the other side, turning L,

  • 123: LF back/side hesitation. (Canter timing is often followed by hesitation in this combination.)

  • 13: (Canter repeat) RF fwd, turning to R, go into shadow

  • 123: RF back in shadow position, Lady's LH to Man's LH. Man's RH on Lady's R waist. Lady's R arm out to the side.

  • 123 123: continuous fwd runs with LF/RF/LF (R arm circled in front during LF fwd run). fwd run with RF/LF/RF (R arm extend to R, head shape to R when doing RF fwd run on 1.

  • 123 normal fwd run with LF,

  • 123: start as run, RF fwd on 1, LF fwd on 2, turning to R (could be a lot of turn continue moving down LOD o)r not as much turn in the corner, Man LH continue to hold Lady's LH during the turn. RF back on 3 after turning. ) In this RF fwd turn, R arm won't shaped completely to R side because of the turn, but more extending fwd.)

  • 123: LF back on 1, continue to turn to R, RF to side/fwd on 2 continue to turn R, LF fwd on 3. R arm circled in (from fwd position).

  • 123: RF fwd run. (can repeat more sets of runs before going into shadow check next)

  • 123: LF normal fwd runs.

  • 123: RF fwd, turning to R.

  • 1 3: (Canter timing) back/cross, turning to R, RF to side (ending behind Man)

  • 123: hesitation, LF fwd cross, R arm extend to R (all 3 counts)

  • 123: weight back onto RF hesitation,

  • 1 3: LF to side, turning L, RF to side turning

  • 123: LF to side, hesitation

  • 123: RF crosses in front, L leg aros, turning on R leg axis to R

  • 123: keep axis, L leg Amague, cross in front of R leg.

  • 1 3 123: (Canter timing, then hesitation) LF fwd, turning L to opening out, RF back/side, keep turning to L, LF to side hesitation..

  • 123: hesitation, RF crosses in front, shape to L.

  • 123: hesitation, LF crosses in front, collect R leg, prepare for normal reverse turn next.

Running Patty Cake


  • 123: Start as Reverse Turn, RF back, LF side/point to LOD, RF closes to LF. Man starts opening the frame

  • 123: Parallel with Man, LF fwd runs, RF fwd, LF fwd, Lady's RH to Man's LH.

  • 123: RF fwd, LF fwd, RF crosses in the back (or close with LF)

  • (can repeat);

  • 123: LF fwd runs, RF fwd, LF fwd

  • 1 3 123: going to whisk position: RF fwd turning to R, LF side; RF back, into whish position, hesitation, LF crosses R knee to kick

  • 123: coming out, LF fwd, turning L, continue to turn L, RF back; turning L, LF fwd turning L to face Man.

  • 123: continue with Reverse Turn.