Natural Twist Turn

Tango Natural Twist Turn

This is a Bronze Level figure. This online reference gives a detailed description of the dance steps, including timing, footwork, alignment, and movement; steps diagram; a list of figures that may precede or follow the pattern; and videos providing instruction and demonstration of the figure, techniques and practice routines that include it.


  1. S: LF to side in PP | Along LOD Pointing DW | H

    • Keep the lane, Man in lane1 and lady in lane2.

    • Do not cross lady too early.

  2. Q: RF fwd and across in PP and CBMP | Along LOD Pointing DW | H | CBM

  3. Q: LF to side | Backing DC | BH

    • Lane change to lane 3.

  4. S: RF crosses behind LF | Backing LOD | B

  5. Q: Start to twist R allowing feet to uncross | Toward the alignment of 6 | Start on B of RF, H of LF

    • Man opening the hip.

  6. Q: Feet almost closed weight on RF in PP | Facing DW | End on whole of RF, IE of B of LF

    • Arm and hand continue to rotate to turn lady into PP.


    • Amount of Turn: A complete turn to the right

    • Other variations:

      • 7/8 to R could be made to end facing LOD. The following Promenade would move DC.

      • 3/4 to R could be made at a corner or at the side of the room to end facing DC. The following Promenade would move to center.

    • When following with Back Corté or LF Rock Man will turn a further 1/4 to face partner


  1. S: RF to side in PP | Along LOD pointing DC | H

    • Strong step.

  2. Q; LF fwd and across in PP and CBMP | Pointing down LOD | H

    • After the step, center stays with L leg. Allow man to get ahead of Lady.

  3. Q: RF fwd between partner's feet | Down LOD | H | CBM

    • Not too aggressive on this step.

    • There is slight rise on R hip /R side when Man cuts off in front.

    • Take head to left. Then keep head very left.

  4. S: LF fwd preparing to step outside partner L side leading | Down LOD pointing DW | H

    • Keep left side up and forward, do not lift shoulder.

    • L shoulder lead is important.

    • Keep tangent of circle, curving steps not as big.

  5. Q: RF fwd in CBMP, OP | To Wall | HB | CBM

    • Left shoulder is "walking around", dancing outside the circle. Don't drop left side/shoulder. Head follows the arm.

  6. Q: LF to side small step in PP | Facing DC | BH and IE of B of RF

    • Stay behind Man. Don't drop left side/shoulder.

    • Head turning to PP: Don't turn head to R too early, don't turn head on its own too late either. (Sharpness depends on the lead, could be smooth turn or sharp head turn.)


  • Amount of Turn: a complete turn to R.

  • 2 styles (below) to finish this figure, either is ok, but they all finish in the same alignment. (Tendency is LF is not swiveled enough.)

    • 5-step style finish: (traditional way), Lady pivot on LF on step 6.

      • Pivoting on LF, it needs to pivot enough to have LF finish in the correct position (tendency is underturn).

      • LF begins swivel when it starts to receive weight, not delay till full weight on it and then swivel. The weight is in transition. When swivel finishes, full weight is transferred onto LF.

    • 4-step style finish, Lady pivot on RF on step 5.

      • Pivoting on RF on step 5, then place LF parallel to RF in the Promenade Position.

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