Reverse Roll

Samba Reverse Roll

The Samba Reverse Roll is a Gold Level figure. This online reference gives a detailed description of the dance steps, including timing, and movement, technique; a list of figures that may precede or follow the pattern; and videos providing instruction and demonstration of the figure, techniques and practice routines that include it.

This figure starts in Contact Position. No Bounce. The characteristics roll of the body is created from the waist.


  • S: LF Fwd | HF

    • Prepare for roll by inclining body R on last 1/4 beat of previous step.

    • Body inclination on step 1 is fast and Man's L arm and Lady's R arm is lowered.

  • Q: Fwd and to L | B

    • Arms return to normal position over steps 2 and 3.

  • Q: To L | BF

  • S: Back and to L | BF

    • Arms raised again over steps 4-5.

  • Q: Back | B

  • Q: Back and to R | BF


  • S: RF back | BF

    • Prepare for roll by inclining body to L on last 1/4 beat of previous step. (Hip more to R side)

    • Body has inclination. Roll to L (reverse).

    • Head: keep straight neckline with spine and back. Don't turn head to left or right like Standard dances. Head pretty much stays at the same place, (but with body rolling, it looks like it's turning.)

    • Imagery: looking down from top, there are 2 circles, one made by head, one made by hip. Roughly speaking (just it helps with understanding, this is not exact), start with head at W point on head circle, hip on E point on hip circle. Then, hip goes counterclockwise from east to north part of circle, while head goes counterclockwise from west to south part of circle. The figure completes one circle.

    • RF back, hip forward underneath the Man.

  • Q: LF to side | B

    • Head: back and to R

    • Hip circle: fwd, knee get under Man.

  • Q: RF close to LF | BF

    • Head: To

    • Finish the half circle, now body inclined to R, hip to L. Continue to roll on the other half

  • S: LF fwd | BF

    • Step LF on straight leg, butt back, Man is going underneath. Keep neckline.

    • Head: Fwd

  • Q: RF to side and slightly back | B

    • Head: Fwd

  • Q: LF crosses in front of RF | BF

    • Head: Fwd and to L


  • Reverse Roll has bigger upper body motion than Natural Roll.

  • When body is leaning forward (on top of partner): In Reverse Roll, LF is stepping forward; In Natural Roll, LF is stepping back.

  • Head follows the line of the spine.

Preceding Figures

  1. Back Rocks

  2. Closed Rocks

  3. Natural Basic Movement

  4. Open Rocks

  5. Plait

  6. Reverse Basic Movement

  7. Reverse Roll

  8. Reverse Turn

  9. Side Basic Movement

Following Figures

  1. Reverse Basic Movement

  2. Whisk To Left (Reverse Turn undertuned to face wall)

  3. Traveling Bota Fogos Forward (LF)

  4. Bota Fogos To Promenade and Counter Promenade (Reverse Turn undertuned to face wall)

  5. Reverse Turn

  6. Reverse Roll

  7. Traveling Bota Fogos Back (after step 3)

  8. Back Rocks (after step 3)

  9. Plait (after step 3)