Spring Break

West Coast Swing Spring Break


From Closed Position, variation to Tuck Turn to Open:

  • Closed Position: 1&2: RF/LF/RF triple, Man turns Lady a bit more to her L.

  • Lady does Spring break: LF back (hip back), RF replace (turn to R to normal closed position), LF to side

    • Lady turns more to about 90 degrees to Man, showing off Lady. Man stays about same place.

  • Continue with rock step and Tuck Turn out.

After Sugar Push 12 3&4 (Man will send Lady a little quicker on 4):

  • &5: LF back, keep on ball of LF, do not lower heel early, just hip goes back, point RF fwd, no weight

  • &6: onto RF, LF taps next to RF. Can repeat, to come out of this:

  • &7: LF back and point RF fwd no weight

  • &8: & - RF fwd slightly to side, turning body to L, 8: LF crosses in front of RF. like Volta.

  • &1: another cross in front before Tuck turn out.


  • Upper body stay pretty stable, not going back and forth with legs.

  • During the whole spring break, keep arms and elbows calm, elbows not moving forward and back.