Open Hip Twist

Rumba Open Hip Twist

This is a Silver Level figure. This online reference gives a detailed description of the different variation of the dance steps, including timing, and movement; a list of figures that may precede or follow the pattern; and videos providing instruction and demonstration of the figure, techniques and practice routines that include it.


  • 2: LF fwd | No turn

    • Slightly extend L arm fwd

  • 3: Transfer weight to RF

    • Contract L arm over step 2 and 3 to end with LH close to L hip

  • 4 1: Close LF to RF slightly back

  • 2" RF back, small step

    • Brace L arm towards end of preceding beat, then L arm to L side

  • 3: Transfer weight to LF | 1/8 to L over step 5 and 6

    • Inc rease tone in L arm

  • 4 1: RF to side in Fan Position

    • Slightly extend L arm. L hand still.


  • 2: RF back | No turn

    • For more dynamic: RF back, make sure to fully settle on R hip, rotate R hip more, pull tension with Man in R hand. Really settle into R hip, not afraid to take center back, R side compression, R shoulder down. Counter balance with partner, so center can go further back.

  • 3: Transfer weight to LF

    • For more dynamic: delay weight transfer, hold 3, weight transfer on &

  • 4 1: RF fwd

    • 4: RF step fwd to Man (slightly diagonal to Man's R side). In response to Man's lead, Lady brings her weight well fwd on this step, really dancing R side forward, upper body diagonal. L arm straight up. Match tone in her R arm to Man's L arm.

    • Stretch a little more, a little longer before turning on 1. Body is always doing something (stretching), not stopping.

    • 1: Really settle R side, Center back. Compress

    • Finish R elbow out, keep volume.

  • 2: LF fwd | 1/4 to R

    • Turn starts at the end of previous beat. Turn is initiated from the hips, hips are turned more than upper body.

    • Lady walk into her own arm. Thighs tight, collect center.

  • 3: RF fwd and slightly across, then turn to end RF back | 1/8 to L, then a further 1/2. Body turn less.

    • Prepping R leg for forward walk turn by crossing a bit in front of LF. (but not too much cross).

    • &: turn 1/2 to left, into Man's hand with tension first before stepping LF back to Fan position.

  • 4 1: LF back in Fan Position | Body completes turn

Preceding Figures

  1. Advanced Hip Twists

  2. Basic Movements: Open

  3. Closed Hip Twist

  4. Curl

  5. Hockey Stick

  6. Open Hip Twist

  7. Progressive Walks Forward

  8. Spiral

  9. Spot or Switch Turn to L (Lady to R)

Following Figures

  1. Alemana (when finished in Fan or Open Position)

  2. Hockey Stick

  3. Sliding Doors

  4. Fencing

  5. Three Alemanas (when finished in Fan or Open Position)

  6. Basic Movements: Open (when finished in Open Position, follow with Open Basic or 1-3 Open Basic Movement into pprogressive Walks Back or Natual Top)

  7. Open Hip Twist (when finished in Open Position)

  8. Curl (when Open Hip Twist finishes in Open Position)

  9. Three Threes (when Open Hip Twist finishes in Open Position)

  10. New York LSP (when Open Hip Twist finishes in Open CPP)

  11. Spot or Switch Turn To R (Lady to L) (when Open Hip Twist finishes in Open CPP)

  12. Underarm Turn To L (when Open Hip Twist finishes in Open CPP)

  13. Reverse Top (when Open Hip Twist finishes in Contact Position, follow with 4-6 or 4-9 Reverse Top.)