Rumba Fencing

Rumba Fencing is a Gold Level figure. This online reference gives a detailed description of the different variation of the dance steps, including timing, and movement; a list of figures that may precede or follow the pattern; and videos providing instruction and demonstration of the figure, techniques and practice routines that include it.


  • 2: LF fwd | No turn

    • Start in Fan Position.

  • 3: Transfer weight to RF

    • Contract L arm

  • 4 1: LF to side in PP | 1/8 to L

    • Extend L arm across body to R, then sharply extend it to L

  • 2: RF fwd and across in PP, R knee flexed | No turn

    • Retain tone in L arm

  • 3: Transfer weight to LF

    • Retain tone in L arm

  • 4 1: RF to side in Open CPP | 1/4 to R

    • Take required hold


  • 2: Closed RF to LF | No turn

    • Start in Fan Position

  • 3: LF fwd

  • 4 1: RF fwd then turn to PP with LF extended diagonally back without weight | 3/8 to R

    • Turn is made towards end of count 4, turn on ball of RF, foot flat. Then LF inside edge of toe.

    • L leg straight out to side.

  • 2: LF fwd and across in PP, L knee flexed | No turn

  • 3: Transfer weight to RF

  • 4 1: LF to side in Open CPP | 1/4 to L

Notes on endings:

  • Man and Lady's Solo Spin

    • On step 6, at end of count 4, continue turning a further 7/8 (Lady to L and Man to R), release L to R hand hold. End facing partner, both feet closed. Man LF without weight. Lady with RF without weight, but with pressure into the ball of foot. Take required hold.

  • Lady's Under Arm Spin to L

    • On step 6, at end of count 4, Lady spins a full turn to L under Man's raise arm, end with RF closed to LF without weight, with pressure into ball of RF.

  • Man's Solo spin to L

    • Lady does not turn, Man does his full spin to his R, end facing partner.

Preceding Figures

  1. Advanced Hip Twists

  2. Closed Hip Twist

  3. Curl

  4. Fan

  5. Open Hip Twist

  6. Opening Out From Reverse Top

  7. Spiral

  8. Three Threes

Following Figures

  1. New York LSP

  2. Spot or Switch Turn To R (Lady to L)

  3. Underarm Turn To L

  4. Basic Movements: Closed

  5. Basic Movements: Open

  6. Cucarachas: LF

  7. Side Step To Left commenced with LF

  8. Fan

  9. Hand To Hand RSP

  10. Side Step To Right commenced with LF

  11. Cuban Rock LF