Boleo (Whip)

Boleo (Whip)

  • Boleo can happen on either foot.

  • Up and faster Boleo: Start from side step pos 2: Lady RF to side. Lady will feel the increased tone and connection in hand and a little wind up to her R (rising up) before turning to L

    • Lady feels the increased tension, Man keeps her weight on her RF and twist.

    • Lady's LF keeps on the ground, drawing a circle, hip over turn a bit, then Lady's feels a quick twist of hip, that's when she will whip the LF (keep center to Man).

    • The whip: while whipping/kicking LF, Lady actually rotates even more to L (more twisted body), so the kick has more horizontal rotational in addition to vertical (bending knee part).

    • After whip, keep L knee tucked while turning hip to R before pointing L leg fwd so it doesn't hit Man (Man will point his leg)

    • Make sure to not push Man in the R arm. (especially when coming back turning and pointing Lady's L leg) Move hip and point without affecting arm.

    • Lady does not react (kick foot) right away, Lady twist around the standing (R leg) (not twisting around belly center) to L and very last second flick her LF

  • Down and slower Boleo:

    • After Lady's RF side step, Man leads her to get lower onto the bent R knee, using inside edge of LF draw big circle on the ground, turn hip to L, L leg goes back, fairly straight, open hip, body quite twist (keeping center to Man).

    • Then, Lady start to twist to R on her RF, bend L knee (upper L thigh next to R leg, so when twist, Lady's knee doesn't hit Man), allow L Leg to come through and up (no flicking LF on this slower Boleo, Man does not lead the 'tick' which is the lead for flick). L leg draw a vertical circle (bicycle) in front, scoop (out, up and in with LF pointed and coming in to R side of R leg), before stepping LF out, collect, resolution