Lady's Embellishments

Drop and Tap

  • From pos 3, Lady's LF back, accelerate up going into pos 4 and 5

  • pos 4: Lady RF back, accelerating up

  • pos 5: Lady LF cross in front of RF. Drop and Tap R toe on ground. Keep upper body poised forward.

  • Then continue with possibly Lady's RF fwd ochos.

Bounce foot outside the leg

  • Can do this anytime when Man is outside partner on either side. Examples:

  • From pos 3 (LF back), before going into pos 4, RF small kick to left side of L leg before stepping back to pos 4.

  • From back ochos, e.g. Lady's LF is back, then her RF can do a small kick on right side of right leg before stepping back.


  • From forward ochos, eg. Lady's RF fwd, while doing a swivel to R, Lady wraps her LF around her R ankle (broken ankle of the back LF), swivel on RF and bring LF around. (This can happen on the other side when Lady's LF fwd doing forward ochos, she'll wrap her RF around L ankle.)

  • If Man does twist in ochos to change direction, Lady can leave the ankle wrapped.