Carousel (Leverage Move)

Start from lock, pos 5: (Lady on her LF)

  • Indicate Carousel, Man goes into closed embrace by sliding his R arm more about Lady, opens himself to his L, (It could also be Man opens Lady more to R than 8-step basic).

  • During carousel circle, Lady both legs fairly straight, collect center lean toward/press into Man, body pretty straight, Lady keeps her own tone, don't hang down onto Man which will be heavy.

    • Lady's center is collected, to Man's side, not in front of Man. (L knee could be slightly bent.)

    • Embellishment during carousel: Lady's RF can be just T with LF, or ball RF could tap on floor.

  • Man should not be too far away from Lady, which will feel heavy.

  • Finish: when Man rises up to finish: Lady walk back with RF, LF, then lock finish.

Carousel - Lady on her RF (e.g. after Promenade and Leg Hook ronde spiral finish, or Ocho Cortado when Lady gets back onto her RF, instead of crossing her LF, her LF will be a T to her RF)

  • Lady keeps her LF wrapped on R leg after spiral

  • Then, Man starts doing carousel. During the walking around, Lady can bring her LF around to T. (Embellishments: her LF can scratch her own ankle)

  • To finish: Lady steps her LF back, then RF back, lock and resolution.