Carousel (Leverage Move)

Start from lock, pos 5:

  • Indicate Carousel, Man goes into closed embrace, Man opens himself to his L, (It could also be Man opens Lady more to R than 8-step basic).

  • During carousel circle, Lady both legs fairly straight, collect center lean toward/press into Man, body pretty straight, Lady keeps her own tone, don't hang down onto Man which will be heavy.

    • Lady's center is to Man's side, not in front of Man.

    • Embellishment during carousel: Lady's RF can be just T with LF, or ball RF could tap on floor.

  • Man should not be too far away from Lady, which will feel heavy.

  • Finish: when Man rises up to finish: Lady walk back with RF, LF, then lock finish.

From a ronde spiral finish:

  • Lady keeps her LF wrapped on R leg after spiral

  • Then, Man starts doing carousel. During the walking around, Lady can bring her LF around to T. (Embellishments: her LF can scratch her own ankle)

  • To finish: Lady steps her LF back, then RF back, lock and resolution.