Stop and Go

Jive Stop and Go

Stop and Go is a Bronze Level figure. This online reference gives a detailed description of the dance steps, including timing, movement, a list of figures that may precede or follow the pattern; and videos providing instruction and demonstration of the figure, techniques and practice routines that include it.

Start in Open Position.


  • QQ: 1-2 of Link LR | no turn

  • QaQ: Fwd chasse LRL, end in RSP

    • raise LH and circle it counter clockwise.

    • On 5: place R hand on Lady's back to check her turn.

    • Lower L arm.

  • Q: RF fwd in RSP. Toe turned out

    • Lead lady back with L hand

  • Q: Replace weight to LF in RSP

    • Lead lady fwd with R hand

  • QaQ: Very small bwd chasse RLR. end in Open Position.

    • raise LH and circle it clockwise, releasing R hand contact.

    • lower arm and lead lady back at the end of her turn.


  • QQ: 1-2 of Link RL | no turn

  • QaQ: RF fwd to chasse RLR turning underarm to end RF back in RSP | 1/2 to L over 3-5

    • going to Man's R side

  • Q: LF back in RSP | no turn

    • L arm straight up.

  • Q: Replace weight to RF in RSP

    • L arm in and then to side.

  • QaQ: LF fwd to chasse LRL turning underarm, to end LF back in open position. | 1-2 to R over 8-10


  • It could be danced without hold during lady's turns.

    • Man will lead lady strongly with L hand to turn L on 3, immediately releasing hold, placing R hand on her back to check her turn on 5.

    • Man will lead her strongly with RH to turn R on 8, immediately releasing R hand contact, regaining L to R hand hold at the end of her turn.

Preceding Figures

  1. American Spin

  2. Catapult

  3. Change of Hands Behind Back

  4. Change of Places Left to Right

  5. Change of Places Right to Left

  6. Chugging

  7. Fallaway Throwaway

  8. Hip Bump

  9. Shoulder Spin

  10. Simple Spin

  11. Spanish Arms

  12. Stop and Go

  13. Windmill

Following Figures

  1. Link

  2. Change of Places Left to Right

  3. Change of Hands Behind Back

  4. Hip Bump

  5. American Spin (with L to R hand hold)

  6. Stop and Go