Quickstep Technique

See Also: Standard Technique page for general technique for International standard dances.


  • Closed syllabus level figures have no PP in Quickstep. Keep head closed most of the time. Head change has to be result of something else

  • The rise and swing in Quickstep is less than in Waltz, as there isn't time for the full swing and rise of Waltz.

  • When it's syncopated chasse, Q&Q, it is flat, absorb rise in knees and ankles. When moving, it may appear to be going downward because of stepping, but do not think about going down, think about keeping flat.

  • Lady: dance with soft knees, track Man's right thigh.

  • How does lady know if a step is a lock step?

    • QQ timing, step is elevated, and moving forward and back (as opposed to side-ways).

  • Don't rush the Slow's.