Country Two Step

Country Two Step

  • Timing: QQSS

    • Musical rhythm, is QQSS. Structural rhythm, think of it as "Quick- Quick - Slow - Done"

  • Posture and Hold: Closed Standard Hold except Man and Lady's bodies are not connected , Lady is lightly offset with Man. Man and lady move in 4 tracks.

  • Basic footwork:

    • Man going fwd: Heel Heel Ball Flat, Ball Flat

    • Lady going backward: BH BH BH BH

  • Movement direction: counter clockwise, faster lane is outside circle, slower lane in side circle

  • Handhold: no pinch, or squeeze, Man uses middle 2 fingers to hook into the cup lady creates with her hand.

Country Two Step - 3 Types of Turns


  • QQS: typically 1 and a half turns. feet apart, apart, apart. Normally ending in PP.

  • S: fwd in PP

  • Default 2 step turn: assume 1.5 turn in pivots.


  • When Man and Lay turning in tandem, typically it's chaine turn where feet apart-together-apart.


  • For sharp contrast, giving Lady extra rotation.

Note about turns:

  • Ladies are angels - i.e. imagine halos around Lady's head (not above, but around the head, same radius/distance around the spine, not wide on one side and short on the other), the halo moves with the lady as she turns,

  • Lead a quarter of the turn and let Lady do rest of the turn. Don't push the turn/crank all around.

  • Lady: spot in the direction of moving.