Locks and Hooks

Locks and Hooks

Back locks (one foot stepping back, the other foot cross in front) : hips more neutral.

Hooks (one foot stepping back, the other foot cross from behind): Keep body pitched slightly fwd, when hooking behind, hinge the body on hip joint.

  • S: Starting from pos 3, LF back

  • QQ&: pos 4 and 5, lock, &: Lady's RF small ronde from back to front,

  • S: RF fwd

  • Q: LF fwd

  • Q: RF locks behind LF

  • &: LF small ronde from front to back

  • Swings/hooks (R leg is the one doing smooth ronde, no stop, L leg is the one to point and steps back, no pitch)

    • S: LF back, Lady feels the Man is swing the hip, Lady swing her hip to R, but try to keep upper body more still. just hips that are swinging.

      • Lady's body inclination is fwd, not back when doing ronde.

    • (could repeat, RF hook, L leg ronde, hook, then R leg ronde again.)

    • &: RF swings and ronde to side and then hook behind LF (&). R leg sweeps, rondes, smooth movement, no pause or stop.. Then lower RF, LF point diagonal

    • S: LF back. (LF does not hook, it just steps back after pointing)

    • &: Again, RF swings to R and hook behind LF.

    • If Man holds up high at this time, feel him, don't anticipate, it can continue with QQQQ, Lady small steps fwd on balls of feet, LF, RF(cross behind LF), LF RF (cross behind LF)

    • continue with LF point diagonally, then rondes back, LF step, Follows by a few options:

      • swings hip to R again. repeat.

      • molinete to Man's L.

      • lock step, resolution etc.