Forward Ochos

Forward Ochos

  • Many entrances to forward ochos. Example: from 8-step basic, after pos 5.

  • Pay special attention to leave arm to Man when doing swivel, less tension. Do not try to keep back/shoulder flat line like ballroom. Let arm breathe (contract or expand). Focus on keeping the hand position with Man.

  • Hand: don't push and resist pressure, take in the lead, follow but keep soft. Always keep "relaxed and connected" frame.

  • Do not go into ochos with too much power.

  • Hip: twist more while keeping head and body as much to Man as possible during swivel.

  • Ochos has a lot more hip action than arm action. Keep arm as steady as possible, leaving it with Man.

  • Collect feet together in a T position and wait, Man could do a quick twist/squeeze to change direction to back ochos. In this case, Lady over twists in one direction and then switch to the other. Man can also do multiple twists. So wait and listen.

  • Bent knees for continuous ochos (often when Lady goes onto RF fwd), keep low, flex both knees.

  • When Lady's goes onto LF fwd swivel, when Man lifts and joins the lady with lift, it indicates finish. straighter knees, Lady can tap RF for embellishments

    • LF fwd ochos, relax R arm, bend elbow joint, so don't push Man.