• &1: back break in Closed Position, can be 2 arm hold or Lady's R arm is open to right.

  • 2: RF fwd, Man changes to holding both of Lady's arms. Lady gives Man a "hug" here before opening out the arm on next step.

  • 3&4: Lady diagonally L chasse LF/RF/LF, staying behind Man.

    • Ending body turn to R to wind and prep for left spin.

    • Now both arms are opened out to the side.

    • Lady does smaller chasse steps, allow Man to be a bit more ahead of the Lady.

  • 2 3 &1: free spin to L, diagonally straight one line, Lady can have arms up high or the the hair comb

    • This is diagonal, New York hustle is not as slotted.

    • Lady owns the road, spin on one line, don't go around Man.

  • (can repeat another time)