4 Count Turn


  • &1: open facing position, double hand hold.

  • 2&34:

    • 2: turning to L to wind up to prepare to turn R, hand curled/cupped with Man's hand, first both hands to L to wind up.

      • L hip really rotates to L and shoulder tuck in to L to wind up.

    • &: syncopated, end of previous 2, start turning R, &: becomes LF back step, continue turning to R

      • arms opening, hands pressuring outward. fingers together, no fishy hands.

      • LH/L arm does face loop (do this on the & count, not too early.), When Man leads Lady's L arm up, Lady releases fingers, hand goes under Man's hand during the turn.

    • 3: RF fwd, turning

    • 4: LF back

  • &1: ending winding up to R position,

    • Really open out (L arm should be more extended), look outward to audience (not toward the guy), ready to do L spin turn.

    • At this time, Man does his turn and ends Man and Lady are almost back to back

  • 23&1: Lady does L spin turn keeping L arm connected with Man, same footwork, but L arm ends wrapped around waist with Man's hand.

  • 23&1: simple 1/2 R turn to return to basic open position

    • During the turn, Lady's RH connects with Man's LH and Man releases Lady's LH.