Sugar Push w/ Anchor Variations

West Coast Swing Sugar Push

This pattern is in open facing position. It could end in L to R hand hold or double hande hold position.


  • 1: LF back | --

  • 2: RF side

  • 3: LF no weight

    • "compression"

  • 4: LF pretty much in place

    • "tension"

  • 5&6: Chasse in place RLR


  • 1: RF forward

    • weight in back of foot "tension", lazy hang back feeling. Easy heel lead.

    • but pay attention to not really leaning back and become heavy to Man.

    • 2 walking forward steps, prancing side lead, LF/left side to left on this RF fwd.

  • 2: LF forward

    • 1st half of beat, weight in back of foot "tension" and step LF forward, heel lead.

    • slight body rotation to R. side lead.

    • "2a": on "a", L hip settle more fwd. "compression", body compress forward, using center/middle, not going from the top/head.

  • 3: RF tap next to LF (3rd position)

    • tap is one option. Or, do triple step here:

    • 3&4: "compression" from end of previous beat, then 3& RL in place.

    • 3: R hip to R, &: return L hip to L. Stay compressed (center fwd to Man), till 4. Don't start going back too early.

  • 4: RF back

    • At beginning of the count, hand still has compression with Man's hand, do not change to pulling too fast.

    • Then, as RF steps and becomes whole foot, hand goes to "tension", anchor position. Lady still "give" hand to Man, do not pull.

    • &: settle on R hip. Settling is the time when hand connection changes to "tension", Lady hanging back feeling.

    • Do not push Man's hand, push your own foot to go back.

  • 5&6: Chasse in place, LRL

    • 6: settle L hip.

      • Lady's RH is holding Man's LH, do not "pull" him, not too loose either. Tension is not from pulling Man's hand, it's from moving center/hip joints back.

      • Settle L hip, crunch left side on "a", R knee bent. Do not settle immediately. There is a little delay after 6 (weight on foot), then "&" settle hip.

    • Styling: small ronde with LF and still do triple step.

    • Styling variation 1:

      • 5: weight on LF, point RF out to side and hold 6.

    • Styling variation 2:

      • 5: LF ronde and end behind RF with weight on 6.


  • Variation: adding 2 more walk steps after step 2 before doing the tap step.

  • There is settling action, but not as pronounced as in Latin dances. Settling is when connection is changed between tension and compression.

Anchor step variations

Syncopated Point (Lady opening up to L side a bit)

  • 5: Small ronde cross back, body turning to L

    • From previous count 4: Lady extends her R arm a bit, the feeling is hanging off the R arm while doing the little ronde variation.

  • &: RF closes to LF

  • 6: LF point fwd, in seated position, tummy sucked in.

Finishing options:

  • Option:

    • &: step on to the LF that was pointing before, (or draw back LF closes to RF)

    • 1: simply walk out on 1 with RF

  • Option: syncopated RF point

    • &1: turning body back to face Man, LF closes next to RF and point RF, suck in tummy. poise forward.

    • &2: RF closes to LF (RF draws back) and step LF fwd continue.

One Side Point:

  • 4: normally after 4 (RF back), body is already slightly turned to R, keep that position.

  • 5: LF point to side.

  • 6: LF collect and closes next to RF, switch weight and ready for normal 1 (RF fwd on 1)

Both Sides Syncopated Point:

  • 5: LF point to side. Body slight rotate to R, like skater.

  • &6: Switch foot and point RF to right side. &: LF closes to RF, 6: point RF to side. Body rotate to L. (can repeat)

  • 1: come out normal RF fwd walk.

Both Sides Syncopated Point and a fwd point:

  • 5: LF point to side. Body slight rotate to R, like skater.

  • &6: Switch foot and point RF to right side. &: LF closes to RF, 6: point RF to side. Body rotate to L. (can repeat)

  • 1: RF point fwd, hip is settling back, creates that "tension" feeling with Man (extend her R arm a bit) before coming out of the step.

    • If music is fast, it could be like a Jive flick.

    • If music is slow, can be more relaxed and point.

  • &2: RF closes to LF, then LF walk fwd.