Standard Technique

Standard Technique


Dance Frame and Topline

Understand Alignment (Line of Dance) 

Ballroom Dance Movement

Turns in Ballroom Dance

Principal Actions in Ballroom Dancing

Dancing is blending of the following actions in different degrees, created by either leg or body action:


Rhythm & Tempo

Bar/Measure: A bar is a part of the music that starts with an accented beat and finishes right before the next accented beat.  (bar lines on musical sheet)

Rhythm/Time Signature: how many beats in each measure/bar. Example: 1 2 3 vs SSQQ

Tempo: speed of music, i.e. the speed beat is played, how many beats per minute.

Direction & Alignment

Travel direction and foot alignment may or may not be the same.

Foot alignment could be Diagonal Center, but traveling direction could be Line of Dance.

Turn & Rotation

Turn is for the feet. Rotation is hip relative position to feet.