2-Hand Tuck Turn

West Coast Swing 2-Hand Tuck Turn

This pattern starts in open position in single or double hand hold and ends in open facing position.


  • 1: LF hook behind RF | 1/4 to L

    • Man looks to his left. Lead using body.

    • L arm is extended. R arm contract to make R arm cross in front,

    • leading lady to pass through slot.

  • 2: RF to side

    • arm starts to open up

  • 3: LF touch

  • 4: LF forward | another total 1/4 to L

    • raise L arm to turn the lady,

    • Man's R hand on lady's back to assist and then release hold.

  • 5&6: anchor triple step

    • Man R hand 'throws' lady off and release.


  • 1: RF forward

  • 2: LF forward

    • feeling Man leading with his R arm.

  • 3: RF tuck, touch step | slight turn to L to tuck

    • turning L toward Man to wind up

    • Option: triple step a34

      • a: after count 2, Lady flex her L knee, turning to L, push LF, RF to side/fwd, on ball of RF

      • 3: LF cross in front of RF. Lady's body really turns to L (not rushing going fwd away from Man just yet), winding up, head faces Man, body and hip turns more to L than head. Do not turn head away.

  • 4: RF forward, away from Man | starting turning R

    • "4a"This is still part of winding up, do not turn too early. The shoulder is more "open" to L in a more wound up position.

    • Only on "a", start turning to R.

  • 5&6: triple step turning 1/2 to R | total 1/2 to R

    • adjusting distance.

    • Variation: can do a double turn here. Turning in place, do not travel.

      • Previous "4&": pivot on "&" to complete the first turn. Then triple for another turn.