Basic Tuck Turn

West Coast Swing Basic Tuck Turn

This pattern starts in closed position and ends in open facing position.


  • 1: LF rock behind RF

    • Man's R hand extend/turn to R to open up to allow Lady to rock back.

  • 2: RF back and to side of LF | slight turn to L

    • there are resistance in arm. Man's R hand help to get lady to tuck in.

  • 3: LF touch

  • 4: LF forward

    • raise L arm to turn the lady, Man's R hand on lady's back to assist and then release hold.

  • 5&6: anchor triple step


  • 1: RF rock behind LF

  • 2: Replace weight on LF

    • Lady is in front of Man.

  • 3: RF tuck, touch step | slight turn to L to tuck

    • Tap step for tuck: turning L toward Man to wind up, look at Man, shoulder turns L, extend arm to not disturb hand. connection.

  • 4: RF forward, away from Man | starting turning R

  • 5&6: triple step turning 1/2 to R | total 1/2 to R

    • adjusting distance.


  • Variation: touch step can be replaced by a triple step (both both Man and Lady).

  • Variation: Lady can do 1 and 1/2 turn over count 5&6.

  • This pattern can be naturally followed by Underarm Turn.

  • This can start from Open position, doing sugar push.