Rumba Cross

QuickStep Rumba Cross

The QuickStep Rumba Cross is a Gold Level figure. This online reference gives a detailed description of the dance steps, including timing, footwork, alignment, and movement; steps diagram; a list of figures that may precede or follow the pattern; and videos providing instruction and demonstration of the figure, techniques and practice routines that include it.


  1. Q: LF fwd long step | Facing LOD | HT | slight turn to R at end of step | Sway(S) | rise e/o 1

  2. Q: RF crosses behind LF | facing Wall | T | 1/4 to R between 1-2 | Sway(R) | Up

  3. S: LF to side ans slightly back. End with RF fwd in CBMP | Backing LOD. End facing LOD | THT | 1/4 between 2-3 | Cont to turn 1/2 on 3 | Sway(S) | Up, lower e/o 3

Note--If preceding the Rumba Cross with 1-5 Natural Turn, a sway to L would be used on step 5 which could be held at the beginning of step 1 of the Rumba Cross. The Rumba Cross may be danced twice.


  1. Q: RF back long step | Backing LOD | T | start to turn R at end of step | Sway(S) | rise e/o 1

    • When preceding with a Natural Pivot Turn, S is added before this Q.

      • S: Lady LF back, continue with the rotation, swing right hip up, back to R, left side is still poised forward (when pivoting), body to Man. head stretch left.

      • Q: RF cross track in the back, activate butt muscle, hip to Man.

    • Even though Lady is going backward, mentally, feel traveling forward (body diagonally left upward), should not be feeling taking body/shoulder back.

  2. Q: LF crosses in front of RF | Backing Wall | T | 1/4 between 1-2 | Sway(L) | Up

    • LF almost pulls back straight, not too much room there. Lady's head stays in place, after QQ, as body turns underneath the head, head left.

  3. S: RF fwd between partner's feet. End with LF back | Start Facing LOD, End backing LOD | TH | 1/4 between 2-3. | Continue to turn 1/2 on 3 (Pivoting action) | Sway(S) | Up, lower e/o 3

    • Pivot, head may turn to R (or keep left). needs to be on the foot, ribs to Man.

    • Do not level up shoulders and hips, leaving R side positive. R knee is forward over the toe, completely balanced on RF.

Preceding Figures

  1. Natural Pivot Turn

  2. Natural Turn

  3. Rumba Cross

Following Figures

  1. Running Right Turn (5-11 of Running Right Turn, RF fwd, S, into Tipsy to L)

  2. Rumba Cross