West Coast Swing Throwout

This pattern starts in closed hold and ends in open facing position.


  • 1: LF rock behind RF

  • 2: Replace weight on RF

    • Starting to use left hand and the right hand on lady's back to lead Lady forward.

  • 3: Replace weight on LF

  • a: Replace weight on RF | 1/4 to L btween step 4-5

  • 4: LF forward

    • slightly forward to follow the lady.

    • finish the 1/4 to L turn, release R hand hold.

  • 5&6: Chasse in place RLR

    • ending facing partner in L to R hand hold down the slot.


  • 1: RF rock behind LF

  • 2: Replace weight on LF

  • 3: RF forward | start turning L

  • a: LF cross in front of RF | turning L

    • This is also called "French Cross": complete 1/2 turn to L gradually in 3 steps.

    • Variation: instead of doing French Cross,

    • Lady could do another forward step and leave the turn to end of next step.

  • 4: RF side and back | finish 1/2 turn

    • ending facing partner now in open position.

    • For the variation: do forward step, at the end of step, do sharp 1/2 turn to L to face partner.

  • 5&6: Chasse in place LRL

    • Anchor step.