Back Ochos

Back Ochos

  • Could start from pos 2, or a hip twist changing from fwd ochos.

  • Do collect feet, but not too early, wait (can keep some foot pressure on floor) till Man leads the ocho turn. For Back Ochos, it's easier to bend the knees and collect, then swivel.

  • Upon Man's lead, start rotating body first, keep frame to Man, then start rotating hip as you collect foot, then swivel foot when feet are already together. Do not collect feet too fast.

  • Keep head at about same position, it does move a little, but less than body, don't flip head back and forth. Eye focused on Man R upper chest area.

  • Can finish with a lock and resolution, Or with twist to switch to fwd ochos. Listen to lead.

  • Weight is always a bit more fwd, never back. Pay attention especially when it's backward steps, pitch fwd, do not lean back.

  • Rotate/swivel enough. Step bigger back step.

  • Generally, if Man lower's Lady down, Lady takes bigger back step (likely preparing for Gancho)

  • Don't take arms with you, give arms to Man.