East Coast Swing

East Coast Swing Patterns

Continuous Backward Walk, Throwout with Lady's Overturn, Plait

    • 1&2 3&4: triple steps in closed position. End opening to side by side position.

    • 5 6 7 8: continuous backward walks.

    • 1&2&3&4&: foot points Lady: RF fwd kick/back replace, LF kick/replace, RF, LF kicks (2nd set could be shaping backward)

    • 1&2 3&4: triple steps to close up with partner

    • 5 6: rock step

    • 1&2: Man does big shape, throwout (Man's L side) . Lady does running fwd, shaping L, RF/LF crosses in front/ RF, then spiral, overturn to her L to end with her back to Man.

    • 3&4: Lady cha-cha-cha lock step forward, then turn R to face Man

    • SSQQQQ: Plait, Lady start with RF pointing fwd to R (after turning to face Man from previous step).

    • 1&2 3&4: triple step to close up with partner.

Lady's Inside Turn to Man's R, Ronde, Simple Walk out Finish or Continuous Ronde

    • 1&2: Lady's underarm turn to L to Man's R side, Man has shaping to indicate ronde. At end of 2, prepare to ronde, starting from facing partner, turning to Lady's L when preparing ronde with Lady's L leg (Man's R leg). Overturned a little during ronde, so ronde is done side by side (not facing each other).

    • 3&4: Lady's L leg ronde LF cross behind RF, (side by side with partner), RF together with LF, then LF fwd,

    • Finish:

      • Simple walk out finish 5 6 7 8 Walk/Walk/Rock/Step - after ronde turn 1/2 to R (RF fwd walk) turning R under the arm, LF walk, then rock step RF, LF.

      • Continuous Ronde finish:

        • 5: Lady turn 180 to R, RF fwd, bent knee, Step onto RF on 5, and turn on RF about 3/4 turn on & to face Man

        • 6: Lady LF step next to RF and ronde R leg. turning body to R (about 1/4 turn to be side by side with Man)

        • 7&8: RF crosses behind LF, LF together with RF, RF fwd. Then, repeat on the other side

        • 1 2 3&4: 1 prep L leg, bent L knee, &:3/4 turn to L, 2: ronde 3&4 (cross back, together, fwd)

        • 5678: Simple walk out/rock step finish.

Stationary cross swivels & circling/rotating cross swivels

    • Station cross swivels: rock step, in-out(heel)-cross with weight; in-out-cross with weight

    • Circling cross swivels (moves around a cricle instead of staying at same place):

      • Lady: rock step, in-out-cross with weight; (this part starts the same as stationary cross swivels), then

      • Lady LF in-out ( point LF and then land WF with weight on LF), twist body to R, RF heel (to side), RF toe cross LF. repeat.

      • Till finish with normal stationary swivel with LF for Lady (in-out-cross). Rock step finish.

American Spin

    • Lady: rock step, triple step to prep (body/shoulder open to left to prepare) to spin. Full spin to R on RF at end of triple, then anchor triple step on LF to finish.