Zig Zag to Lady's L, Ronde, and Twist


  • QQS: Start with Zig Zag moving to Lady's L.

    • Q: Lady RF crosses in the back,

    • Q: LF to side

    • S: RF crosses in front, press into R knee and ronde L leg

      • Ronde away from Man, look to L away as well.

  • S&: LF simply collects next to RF on S, no weight change on S, then LF steps fwd on &

  • QQ: do a hip quick hip twist (twist in hips, do not using hands) to L and then R. Keep weight on LF.

  • QQS: turning to R, full turn, RF steps/LF/RF to side, R arm collected, body shaped to L at S, to prepare to do check (at that time, extend arm to R, look to R).