Curved Feather from Promenade Position

Foxtrot Curved Feather from Promenade Position (*)

The Foxtrot Curved Feather from Promenade Position is a Gold Level figure. This online reference gives a detailed description of the dance steps, including timing, footwork, alignment, and movement; steps diagram; a list of figures that may precede or follow the pattern; and videos providing instruction and demonstration of the figure, techniques and practice routines that include it.

(*) Not listed in "gray book", but often danced.


  1. S: RF fwd across CBMP in Promenade Position | DW | HT | Sway(S) | CBM | Rise e/o 1

    • Start in Promenade Position

  2. Q: LF diag fwd, preparing to step OP, L side leading | Wall | T | 1/8 between 2-3 | Sway(R) | Up

  3. Q: RF fwd in CBMP, OP | Against LOD | TH | Sway(R) | CBM | Up. Lower e/o 3


  1. S: LF fwd in CBMP in PP | Facing DC | HT | Sway(S) | CBM

    • Stay behind Man's hip. Poised upward position. Do not anticipate the curve.

    • Man will slowly bring across.

  2. Q: RF to side slightly back, R side leading | LOD | T | 1/8 between 2-3 | Sway(L) |

    • Use left leg and hip to push to right. sending arm across the body.

    • Very strong upward curve for right side.

    • Stretching does not mean turning shoulder to right. It's R side upward stretch.

  3. Q: LF back in CBMP | Backing against LOD | TH | Sway(L) | CBM

    • Small step.

    • Do not allow stomach to relax. R side lengthen.

    • Keep individual balance.

    • Ending facing LOD.