Latin Exercises

Disclaimer: These exercises are provided for information purposes only. Please consult with your physician before undertaking any program of exercise.

Latin Basic Actions

Latin Technique has more details on the technique for each of the basic actions.

Adjust posture before exercise: line up blocks of weight, pull in center, settle shoulder, exhale and release chest to floor, weight forward.

  • Foot Positions: In 2nd position:

    • Foot goes through 3 positions in second position: whole foot, ball of foot and toe.

    • Push ankle flexibility on ball of foot.

  • In place switch: in collected high toe position, activate tummy first (the side of tummy with bent knee), straighten knee, on ball of both feet, twisting foot. ankle bones always touching, toes apart, calf brushing, knee touching/passing and thighs touching, knees draping over, end in the high toe position of the other foot. This action is used in Cucaracha.

  • Side step: From feet together in collected high toe position : lead with chest, step to the side with IE of foot turned out, finish hip figure 8 and finish free foot, then squeeze thighs, hold and fast collect back to high toe position

  • Forward step: Foot going from back to front: see Latin Basic Movement technique.

  • Backward step: Foot going from front to back: see Latin Basic Movement technique.


Be very aware posture/spine, weight transfer/settling and foot positions, tracking.

See Latin Technique for more details.

Cha Cha

See Cha Cha Technique.


See Samba Technique

Turns: Two changes of directions

Forward Walk Turn and Swivel. See Latin Technique for more details.

Spins & Spirals

See Latin Technique on spins.

    • Head spotting

    • Three-step turn.

    • Continuous spin forward.

    • One full spin on one foot.

    • Spiral Turns.

    • Turns with different timing.


See Latin Styling on arms.

    • Stationary Rumba rocks with arms

    • Rumba Open basic (2 variations)

    • Rumba underarm turn with arms.