Argentine Tango Technique


  • Look straight forward in open embrace, keep spine long and straight. Do not bend neck to look down. Eyes could be looking downward, but without bending neck and head down.

  • Closed embrace, head can look forward or slightly to right. Keep spine long.

  • During ochos, head does move a little naturally, but do try to keep head stable, toward Man, do not turn head left and right.

  • Relaxed head. Not stiff.


  • Always collect, wait for lead, lower, reach leg first and then move weight. Get leg there first before getting body there.

  • Body more forward, not backward, keep forward pitch, especially for ochos, molinette back steps.

  • Leave arm to Man, reduce tension in arm and hands. Pay attention in ochos, rondes, movement is in hips, less tension in upper body, don't use Man. Arm will contract and expand with the goal to not disturb Man's arm/frame. Focus on the connection point.

  • During hooks etc. no shaping left or right or back, keep upper body pretty straight up and down, like sitting.

  • Ronde: start rotating hips first, when hips rotates to max, then leg start ronde circle, then hip can rotate a little extra. Do not push Man using hands.

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