Sweetheart - Country Two Step



  • Footwork is exactly like Right Turn to Promenade Position.

  • QQS: From closed basic position, Lady turning 1/2 to R on each step to end facing forward in traveling direction in Promenade Position

    • During the turn, Man changes handhold to RH to RH, LH to LH.

  • S: LF fwd in PP

  • QQSS: basic forward in sweetheart position. At the last S, prep for L turn

Sweetheart Turns

  • When walking in PP sweetheart position,

  • QQS: Man can lead Lady to do one full L turn, by keeping LH to her LH hold during the turn and release RH. Last S: Lady just RF fwd

    • Alternatively, Man can lead Lady do do full L turn by keeping RH to her RH and release his LH.

  • S: LF fwd in sweetheart position.

Sweetheart Ending

  • QQS: Lady does free spin, one and half turn to L

  • S: LF back.