Foxtrot Patterns

Double Reverse Turn, Pivot, Feather Finish

  • SSQQ: double reverse

  • S: pivot, Lady RF off track back, LF fwd

  • SQQ: Lady LF fwd, QQ: feather finish

Challenge Line, Throwaway Oversway, Aros, Same Foot Lunge

  • SQQ: reverse turn

  • SSS: Challenge line, Lady LF fwd ; RF fwd, challenge line, shape to R, head to right, body diagonal line

  • S(S): Throwaway Oversway (could be more measures), articulate head movement moving from R to L, L leg collect and then out.

  • S: Man rise, Lady does Aros (on her RF, extend R side, L leg up, knee bent LF point back), take the time

  • S: turn to R, head is the last to turn to shape to R, L leg pointing fwd, R knee bent, same foot lunge.

Double Reverse, Bombshell, Contra Check

  • SSQQ: double reverse

  • S: Lady weight on RF, ronde LF, head look to the side of the ronde leg.

  • QQS: Lady LF crosses behind RF, RF to side, LF fwd (around Man), Lady's head will end to R (pre-contra check head position) - keep head position, because Lady is rotating around Man, head will end to R.

  • S: Contra check

  • S: recover onto LF, head still L,

  • S: RF fwd, corte, head L

  • S: weight back onto LF, R leg ronde, head to R.

  • QQS: Molinete, RF crosses in back, LF to side; RF crosses in front (head to L now)

  • S: LF fwd, then turn to shape head to R into PP.