Sweep (Barrida)

Sweep (Barrida)

  • From back ochos when Lady RF goes back. Man stops lady's front LF (she's pointing her LF), Man pushes and sweeps Lady's LF on floor to Lady's R

  • Man could do:

    • When Man is ready to come out of it, he rises and Lady gets her weight onto her front LF, swivels, her RF step over his leg, At this time, Man could have options:

      • Fwd ocho finish, or

      • If Man puts Lady's weight back on to her LF in the back, while he uses his foot in between Lady's feet, Lady's does Gnacho using her RF, between his legs, then Amagues, ocho out.

    • If Man keeps her weight on her RF, and he does sandwich and changes his feet to sweep to the other direction. Lady keeps her weight on back RF, Lady rondes her L leg to side while bending/lowering her R knee, till Man signals to change weight

      • Lady rotates to L a bit and change her weight to LF, she taps her RF and lift over Man's leg, fwd ocho out.