Sugar Tuck

West Coast Swing Sugar Tuck

This pattern is danced in open position. Man doesn't turn. It starts like Sugar Push, finish with Lady's full tuck turn.


  • 1: LF back

  • 2: RF back close to LF in 3rd position

  • 3: LF tap

    • Lead lady to tuck to wind up for the turn.

    • connect R hand with Lady's L hand

    • L arm raise up to lead lady

  • 4: LF forward

    • Man's R hand on lady's back to assist and then release hold on R hand.

  • 5&6: anchor triple step

    • Man R hand 'throws' lady off and release.


  • 1: RF forward

  • 2: LF forward

    • Lady will feel twist/tuck action.

  • 3: RF tuck, touch step | slight turn to L to tuck

    • turning L toward Man to wind up

  • 4: RF forward, away from Man | turning 1/2 to R

  • 5&6: triple step turning 1 full turn to R | complete total1 full turn to R


  • Variation: tap, step on count 34 can be replaced by triple step.