Right Side Pass

West Coast Swing Right Side Pass

This pattern is danced in open facing position.

There are other ways to do this step. This is one of the options:

Precedes with under turned Underarm Turn (total 1/4) with Hand Change, ending in R to R hand hold.

Ending Underarm Turn with Man facing the side of the slot, perpendicular to Lady.


  • 1: LF to side

    • Man stays center of the slot.

    • Lady travel through the slot.

  • 2: Replace weight on to RF

  • 3: LF rock behind

    • switching hand while Lady is passing Man on count 3.

  • &: Replace weight on RF | 1/4 to L btwn step 4-5

  • 4: LF forward

    • ending facing partner, back to L to R hand hold.

  • 5&6: Chasse in place RLR


  • 1: RF forward

  • 2: LF forward

  • 3: RF forward | start turning L

  • a: LF cross in front of RF | turning L

  • 4: RF side and back | finish 1/2 turn

  • 5&6: Chasse in place LRL